VIDEO – The Swiss Army Knife for Your Business

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VIDEO – The Swiss Army Knife for Your Business

Many businesses put a lot of effort into developing processes for their day to day actions so that their business can become repeatable and predictable. As a tool, processes can help every organization achieve greater results in a shorter amount of time.

In much the same way as developing processes helps to optimize your business, video is a tool that can be leveraged to make your business function better. By default, most people think of video as a sales or marketing tool, but it can in fact play an equally important role in almost every other department. Let’s explore some ways that video can be the perfect tool to use inside of a growing organization.

Sales & Marketing

First let’s tackle the low-hanging fruit in the obvious example of Sales & Marketing. When people think of how video can be used within their business, the first thing their minds usually go to are advertisements and other promotional material that is used to grow their revenue.

Beyond the obvious examples of promotional content, another way to use video for your sales and marketing teams would be what could be called a “Video Business Card”. Often times, sales representatives have a standard pitch or demonstration that they have to go through with new clients, either over the phone or in person, and this interaction would typically start out with spending some time on introductions. The first few minutes of these introductions serve to help create some camaraderie and connection between the two parties, but by creating a video business card that that is shared with the prospect before the meeting and introduces the sales representative to their prospect, much of this initial introduction can be sped up because the prospect has already seen a video introducing this sales representative. As an added bonus, it can also help to filter out some of the “tire kickers” that just want to talk to the sales person but maybe don’t have a strong intention to make a purchase.

Human Resources

How many hours does your team spend simply finding more people to join your team? With such a large workforce out there, finding candidates to hire that have the qualifications you’re looking for can be a daunting task. Even then, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be a fit for you (or perhaps you’re not a fit for them) and you’ve possibly wasted lots of time and effort courting them for it to not work out.

Culture videos are a great way to show off what it’s like to work at your company so that prospects can see what they’re signing up for before they go through an interview process. Having senior leadership AND the average worker go on camera to explain what the company is like, what kind of person they’re looking for, etc can be a very powerful tool and save lots of time for your recruiting team. Bonus points if you create different videos that are tailored to each department!


For the sake of this article, let’s assume that production is the department that creates whatever it is that you sell… whether you’re a company that manufacturers a physical a product, an agency that produces creative work, or a software development company that creates apps, your business likely has some kind of production that happens (even if it is a service). These types of departments especially benefit from standardized processes and in many cases there is extensive training that goes into getting employees in these departments up to speed on your company’s policies and ways of doing things. Instead of having a person train these new employees, a series of training videos can be used to deliver the same information without using up man-hours. As a bonus, video content often boosts retention of information so your new employees will likely come out of training ready to get to work faster than if they had just sat in a classroom listening to the training in person.


These are just a few areas within a business that can utilize video content, but there’s definitely more. Being able to look at your operations from a high-level and find areas where you can insert video content can be a very powerful, enlightening, and beneficial activity for you and your company. 

Where else do you think you could use video content? 

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