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GUIDE TO USING Video in Your business

Video is an incredibly powerful tool that can help to solve difficult challenges that you may experience in your business. Click the button below to download our “Guide to Using Video In Your Business”.





VIDEO – The Swiss Army Knife for Your Business

Video isn’t just for marketing… Video content can be an effective tool for a lot of different areas of your business. In this post, we outline a few ways...

3 Key Elements of a Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are one of the key ingredients used in a Video Powered Business. Using testimonial videos in your marketing strategy help to boost your credibility...

8K Is(n’t) Overkill

8K refers to the resolution of a captured video file, but how can filming in this high resolution format help your business?

The Value of Video to a Small Business

In terms of workload, small businesses are overloaded. The owners are typically wearing EVERY hat and the success of the entire enterprise really hinges on their...

Filming a Tele-Interview

Due to COVID-19 and working from home becoming commonplace, it has become important to find ways to remotely produce content. Although no match for high-end camera...

Stock Footage: One Month In

The decision to begin uploading my footage to stock footage websites came at a time when no one was really sure about where the world was headed. I wanted a way to pass...

Pad Prompter Review

I first became aware of the value of a teleprompter when working with a YouTube / Internet Celebrity known as Jason Capital. My friend, Taylor Layne, was Jason...

Initial Thoughts on the RED KOMODO

First things first, I have to put up a huge disclaimer here... I have held the KOMODO but I have not been able to turn it on or shoot anything with it so my thoughts...

Developing the BIO Video Pack

As the Coronavirus and COVID-19 began to severely impact our country, it quickly became apparent that the impact on our economy and businesses would be astronomical. As...

Coming Out of Quarantine

At first, you're uncomfortable being forced to stay home. You know that you shouldn't go out and it's scary because you don't know where the Coronavirus may be lurking....