CAIS – CAIS IQ Product Launch

Behind The Scenes


CAIS Group

Project Objective:

Our client is a large financial trading platform based in New York City that focuses on alternative investments. Many financial advisors are unfamiliar with alternative investments and are therefore less likely to recommend these types of investments to their clients. In order to combat this, our client created an education platform called “CAIS IQ” to educate financial advisors on how to use alternative investments, their benefits, and how to recommend them to their clients. They launched the platform at a conference held by Charles Schwab and needed a launch video.

Technical Info:

Camera: RED HELIUM, Canon 1DX Mark II
Acquisition Format:
8K RAW R3D, 4K QuickTime
Product Launch Video / Sizzle
Other Tools:
MoVI M15, Ready Rig, Bounce Board, Wireless Audio, Final Cut Pro-X for Editing

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