What We Do

Chromatic Digital Cinema is a media production company that helps businesses reach new customers, grow sales, and increase brand awareness through high quality video production, photography, and strategic social media management.


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Why We Do It

In today’s world of mass-produced content, the only way to stand out is to be truly original, be true to your message, and have the best quality media possible. With years of experience and using only the best equipment, we can craft images that put you far ahead of your competition in the race for customers’ attention.




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Working with Chromatic Digital Cinema has been seamless to go from concept, to production, to post-production, to an end product that I’m not only proud of but that represents me and my brand to the marketplace. I continue to receive clients and inquiries for my business based on projects that we completed months, and even years, ago. If you’re not doing video with Chromatic Digital Cinema, then you’re leaving tons of money on the table. I don’t trust anyone with my brand, my image, and my legacy other than Chromatic Digital Cinema.

Nick Long

Entrepreneur, NXT90

I have used countless production companies to try and help me take my concepts and make them a reality and the only production company that I’ve ever found that can do that in a realistic timeframe and a professional quality is Chromatic Digital Cinema. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner or a corporation with thousands of employees, Chromatic Digital Cinema’s breadth and depth of knowledge and skills allow them to effortlessly take your thoughts and concepts for a video and make them a reality.

Gerritt Bake

Entrepreneur, Tactical Businessman

As any entrepreneur knows, you get what you pay for, and the ROI with Chromatic Digital Cinema is incredible. When you hire Chromatic Digital Cinema, with the type of camera gear they have and the amount of dedication and passion that they have for their work, the ROI is insanely positive. Now that I use Chromatic Digital Cinema for my video production, the engagement with my clients has been absolutely amazing. Conversion rates have gone up, time on my websites has gone up, and revenue has gone up. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Trey Markel

Owner, iBank


There’s a reason they call it a “production”. With the goal of creating projects with superior image quality, we utilize superior technology to make sure that we are able to deliver a product that is technically unrivaled while still communicating the desired message and emotion. Striving to always work as a team, we will bring in additional support as needed in order to make sure that we are successful in reaching our goals for each and every project.



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