5 Steps to Prepare Yourself for a Video Interview

Most corporate videos rely heavy on a filmed interview. Learn how to prepare yourself for a video interview so that you can look your best and make the process of...

VIDEO – The Swiss Army Knife for Your Business

Video isn’t just for marketing… Video content can be an effective tool for a lot of different areas of your business. In this post, we outline a few ways...

3 Key Elements of a Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are one of the key ingredients used in a Video Powered Business. Using testimonial videos in your marketing strategy help to boost your credibility...

8K Is(n’t) Overkill

8K refers to the resolution of a captured video file, but how can filming in this high resolution format help your business?

The Value of Video to a Small Business

In terms of workload, small businesses are overloaded. The owners are typically wearing EVERY hat and the success of the entire enterprise really hinges on their...

Filming a Tele-Interview

Due to COVID-19 and working from home becoming commonplace, it has become important to find ways to remotely produce content. Although no match for high-end camera...

Stock Footage: One Month In

The decision to begin uploading my footage to stock footage websites came at a time when no one was really sure about where the world was headed. I wanted a way to pass...

Pad Prompter Review

I first became aware of the value of a teleprompter when working with a YouTube / Internet Celebrity known as Jason Capital. My friend, Taylor Layne, was Jason...

Initial Thoughts on the RED KOMODO

First things first, I have to put up a huge disclaimer here... I have held the KOMODO but I have not been able to turn it on or shoot anything with it so my thoughts...

Developing the BIO Video Pack

As the Coronavirus and COVID-19 began to severely impact our country, it quickly became apparent that the impact on our economy and businesses would be astronomical. As...




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