Coming Out of Quarantine

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Coming Out of Quarantine

At first, you’re uncomfortable being forced to stay home. You know that you shouldn’t go out and it’s scary because you don’t know where the Coronavirus may be lurking. Whenever you do leave the home, you strap on your mask, load up on hand sanitizer and cautiously walk out into public somewhat wary of anyone else that may be around you.

Days turn to Weeks, Weeks turn to Months… You start to get really comfortable living inside of the movie Groundhog Day where every day is the exact same. You try to be productive every day but just can’t seem to find the motivation to get anything done. But who cares?! It’s not like there’s anything going on anyways.

Then, slowly, things begin to reopen. More and more businesses start resuming their operations and the world starts to move again. You’re excited for life to get back to normal but you reach a startling conclusion and realize that something strange has happened: What you used to consider as normal is no longer normal. Now, normal is staying home, trying to find things to do, glued to the news on your phone. At some point in this process, the old normal of going out in public regularly has become the thing that makes you uncomfortable. Strange indeed.

Throughout this pandemic and the subsequent protests / rioting, it has felt incredibly frustrating to not be able to be working, out networking with business owners, and working towards goals. Now that the world is reopening, and there are mixed signals as to whether this is the right move, I’m finding that I am hesitating in finding that hustle that I had developed before all this happened.

Right now, the main task at hand is to get the wheels turning again. It takes time to build up the momentum that was lost, but luckily we’re seeing things start up again. As we come out of this quarantine, my goal is to remain as safe as possible while resuming projects that were left un-filmed so that I can help my clients also get back to work. I realize that I’m not the only one in this position so I’m setting out to keep a positive outlook and be as helpful and “cheery” as I can be.

Although it will probably take a long time to fully get back to normal, it’s nice to see things starting to happen again. Looking forward to seeing you out there!

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Colin Glenn

Colin Glenn

Colin has been shooting on RED for 5 years with extensive experience in Professional Sports, Live Events, and Commercial Productions. As a former RED Employee, Colin gained massive insight into the development of these products as well as a deep understanding of every function, benefit, and drawback of this camera system. Through his expertise he has helped hundreds of clients on countless projects achieve amazing results with the media created for their brands, events, and products.


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