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After several months of uncertainty, the world is beginning to open back up. You have likely been looking forward to this for a long time. Although you may feel unsure about how to proceed in this new business landscape, your customers need you now more than ever. Rather than working alone and adopting a strategy of “let’s see what happens”, why not take matters into your own hands?

We have designed a product called the “BUSINESS IS OPEN (BIO)” Video Pack that will help guide you to success in this period of reopening. Read below for more information about how you can proceed in this new and chaotic time that we are all experiencing.


The BIO VIDEO PACK is a series of videos that are designed to help you generate business in a world filled with uncertainty. It starts with a three-video strategy and can be expanded further as needed once the initial creative pieces have been completed. 

Video Advertisement

Tell the world that you’re open! Whether you’re marketing on social media, television, or emailing customers directly, your customers need to be constantly reminded about who you are, what value you offer, and why they should buy from you.

Video Business Card

Like duplicating yourself (AKA your best salesperson) a thousand times, the Video Business Card is a tool that lets you create an emotional connection with your customers through video. Make your customers understand WHY you are the right choice for them and get them committed before they even get on the phone with you.

Social Series

Putting yourself in front of your customers as often as possible is vital to success but you can’t always be running advertisements or screaming at them to buy. To gain their trust and remind them you exist, you need a transparent way to provide value before the sale so that they keep coming back for more.

Ready to Start?

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How Does it Work?

There are three primary goals in mind when we create content for our clients. We strive to give you a way for your customers to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you. Once you have achieved these, it will be easier for you to make repeat customers.

In today’s business landscape, it is even more important for you to connect with your customers. Many people are scared and unsure about returning to “normal”. By showing them that you’re ready to help, you will have gone a long way towards accomplishing the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST formula.


Video Advertisement

The plan starts with a Video Advertisement. We create an advertisement that you can run on social media or television that will target your customer. The purpose of this advertisement is to get your name out into the public and begin collecting data on what resonates with your target market. Ultimately, we just want to get a plenty of views on this advertisement and then capture your customers’ email addresses or Facebook likes so that they can continue to stay informed about your brand’s activities.

Video Business Card

Next, we create a “Video Business Card”. This is a tool that allows you to virtually recreate your best salesperson (read, YOU) so that a prospective client can learn what you do, why you’re passionate about your business, and what makes you special before they even get on the phone with you. Many business owners waste countless hours explaining their value proposition before ultimately finding out that a prospect isn’t interested. To speed up that process and weed out bad leads, we will create a piece of content that perfectly positions your offering and creates an emotional connection with your target audience… all before you’ve even begun speaking with them.

Social Series

The last piece of the BIO Video Pack puzzle is the creation of several episodes of a “Social Series”. This is typically a series of short videos (between 4-8) that you can run once weekly on your social media channel of choice (usually Instagram) and is designed to keep your customer base informed and engaged. Through regular posting of relevant, informative content you can continue to grow your brand online and connect with your target market. If your target customers see you as an authority in your industry they are more likely to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you (and therefore BUY from you)!


Pretty Cool, right?

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How much does it cost?

spoiler alert: SPECIAL PRICING

In order to assist as many clients as we can we have decided to temporarily offer this video package at a reduced rate that is 30% off of what we would normally charge. This pricing will be in place until August 31st, 2020 and is only available through this website.

This package comes with 2 days of filming, the 3 videos in the BIO pack, and a 2 hour strategy session to plan your videos*.

NORMAL: $8,500




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*Travel outside of Orange County, CA may incur additional costs. Special pricing requires a 50% deposit on booking and project to be scheduled before expiration date of August 31, 2020. Subject to schedule availability. “2 Days of Filming” must be consecutive and may not exceed 10 hours each day. A full 2 days of filming may not be required. Additional days of filming will incur additional costs.




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