In today’s world of mass-produced content, the only way to stand out is to be truly original, be true to your message, and have the best quality media possible. With years of experience and using only the best equipment, we can craft images that put you far ahead of your competition in the race for customers’ attention.

Types of Projects

Every company is different and has unique needs so there are different types of videos that can help you reach your goals.
Here are some examples to get you started.

Brand Films

Product Videos



recruiting videos

Training Videos

Explainer Videos


Video Business Cards

Event Videos

Colin Glenn

Owner, Director of Photography

Colin has been shooting on RED for 5 years with extensive experience in Professional Sports, Live Events, and Commercial Productions. As a former RED Employee, Colin gained massive insight into the development of these products as well as a deep understanding of every function, benefit, and drawback of this camera system.
Through his expertise he has helped hundreds of clients on countless projects achieve amazing results with the media created for their brands, events, and products.

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